The Podere gold

The olive groves at the farm cover approx. 14 hectares which, with the acquisition of new land, will become 20 hectares. 3600 plants contribute to producing around 5000 kg of oil a year, depending on the year. There are four cultivars: the prized Frantoio, the durable Leccino, Moraiolo and, in a farm smaller percentage, Olivastra seggianese (popular in the nearby Seggiano but less so in this part of Tuscany that prefers stronger flavours). We know the age of some of the olive trees, “My dad, who is 92, says that they were like this even when he was young”, explains farmer Luciano Guidotti, who knows everything about the Podere. Moreover, the Val d’Orcia has long been known for its production of quality oil.

The application of organic practices, with the introduction of green manure to enrich the soil, has involved all of the plots in the new and old parts of the farm. And the difference is visible: butterflies, ladybirds, crickets, fireflies, cicadas and other insects have begun to repopulate the olive groves... and you can taste it: the Terre di Siena DOP, our oil, has a quite unique flavour.