In the beginning there was the Logo

Precious, simple; abstract, concrete; sacred, earthy. Over the years we have fielded many comments on our logo, the symbol that accompanies all of our communications. Different comments, shared, often contrasting. This isn’t surprising. The almond, in mystical symbolism, represents a “secret”. It lives in the shadows, like the wine in the cellar. You have to discover it to nourish it. The form is related to the diamond, which symbolises the union between the land and the sky, the conquering of the matter and spirit, fire and water dualism. Everything makes sense and that is why opinions are so contrasting.

Putting the design to one side, the stylistic solution with full lines and alternating empty spaces brings to mind the strip motifs associated with Romanesque and Gothic Tuscan art. Aside from the well-known Cathedral of Pisa and Santa Maria Novella in Florence, the little church of Montesiepi founded by San Galgano, a few kilometres from the Podere, is another fine example. Our point of departure is the land. It is also our point of arrival. 

The symbol of the Podere was designed by SGA Corporate and packaging design of Bergamo.