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25-3-2021 Podere Forte launches the “Pasta Vitaleta”, made with the best Senatore Cappelli durum wheat

Grown in the fields of the famous Vitaleta Chapel up to the land where the popular “Gladiator” movie was filmed, The Senatore Cappelli gives us a genuine pasta with a precious and genuine flavor.

Among the ancient grains, Cappelli durum wheat has a high protein value, it is rich in healthy nutrients that enhance its flavor and authentic characteristics. That is the reason why it is so important to preserve it and make it a basic ingredient of our diet.

The wholemeal semolina from Podere Forte, with its unique color, taste and flavor, is a stone-ground product that maintains the organoleptic properties of the wheat grain unaltered. The durum wheat grain results in a highly digestible pasta, which does not overcook easily and remains al dente.

Podere Forte flour is also suitable to make a very fragrant bread.

The Vitaleta Pasta, produced from organic farming is the ambassador of the Italian culture and taste.

Fettuccelle, emblem of convivial moments and undisputed protagonists of tasty recipes of the Italian gastronomic tradition, are the first product of the line. The most suitable sauce for this pasta is a game ragout or the classic Bolognese sauce.  Fettuccelle are also perfect in combination with fish such as prawns or scampi, bisque and tomato.

Other Vitaleta Pasta Shapes already available at the Podere Forte Emporio are the Mezzi Paccheri, the Rigatoni and the famous Spaghetti.

If you choose Podere Forte you choose the idea of ​​a healthy diet with a unique flavor.

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