The first (course) speeches

The Podere Forte has two dates of birth. The christening, a sociable dinner at the Cantuccio di Albavilla. The blessing: the “official” presentation to the press and the authorities in Val d’Orcia. Two important moments. The mission, meanwhile, was demanding: “These lands are the basis for a project that aims, particularly in terms of its wine production, to go from good to excellent to superlative... to unique”. Attilio Scienza, Luigi Veronelli, Donato Lanati, Piero Antolini and Giacomo Bersanetti for communications, chosen by Pasquale Forte to fulfil this mission, met with each other.

Here are their speeches. Key declarations: what has happened and what happens at the Podere is also the result of these words, these intentions, the work of these men...

Below are the PDFs of the speeches