June 1924.
That long hot summer...

The warm June of 1924. In Koberwitz, Silesia, a group of farmers ask philosopher Rudolf Steiner what to do with their lands. For some time they had noticed a drop in fertility and that the foods did not have the same flavour as before. Before the introduction of chemical products. Steiner imparted advice, based on a metaphysical concept: everything that exists on the land is not only made of matter but also a spiritual element that flows from the cosmos. The farmer works to ensure that life is created in the fields via this impulse. This is where the term biodynamic comes from: life that originates thanks to the activity of the forces.

For those that focus on the terroir, placing the attention on the land, as a living organism rather than a substrate to be covered with “activating” substances, is almost inevitable. This is the choice of the Podere. Although biodynamic theories may seem arcane, lying somewhere between philosophy and magic, the farming practices are very “practical” and the objectives concrete: support nature in its seasonal processes and make the land ever more fertile. Even the ultimate goal is compatible with straightforward common sense: provide healthy foods to nourish people and guarantee the continuity of the ecosystem.

In short, good agronomy, like using green manure, rotating crops, respect for the natural cycles of growth and rest of plants, and the use of biodynamic preparations to naturally enrich the earth. Management practices that we employ as standard. Since 2011 the Demeter brand has refined the labels of our products.