Professor Orlando Sculli has amazed and fascinated us: with unceasing determination, for years he has collected, catalogued and indexed hundreds of rare and almost extinct species from all over Calabria. He is able to identify and recognise biotypes thanks to his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the culture of Calabria and, more importantly, the entire Mediterranean, from the first Mycenaean invasions to the Hellenistic period (to which the first traces of vines from the Aegean area, still present in Calabria, date), the Roman and Byzantine ages, the Suebi, the dominance of the Spanish, the Bourbons and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, right through to today. Calabria has been subject to many invasions and upheavals. Each of these events has sowed a seed, which Professor Sculli is able to identify and potentially conserve as a piece of natural history but also as a cultural and genetic legacy. There are extremely rare species in this region which, over time, we would like to be able to genetically map in order to retrace a historical and cultural period also distinctive for the germplasm found in the area, so it is not left to become extinct and take with it a piece of the history of humankind. You can find photos and files provided to us by Professor Sculli on the website. Some of these are the result of information collected by interested friends and some are scientifically proven, but all are very valuable and soon Podere Forte will be opening the "Chepos of Wonders" to the public

Orlando Sculli: Curriculum

Fruit trees

La Mela Odorosa - Il Melograno Nero


Quercia Castagnara a Ghianda Dolce

Olive trees

Ulivo Sanota - Ulivo del Krisma - Ulivi Millenari di Ferruzzano - Ulivi Maltesi Bianco - Lillà

White grapes

Bianca di Cola di Checco di Cardeto - Bianco Tondo di Egua - Grecuni Bianco di Caulonia - Liganti Nigru di Campoli di Caulonia - Guardavalli d'i Passuli di Ferruzzano - Lacrima Bianca Amara di Ferruzzano - Malvasia Grande d'i Gurni di Ferruzzano - Mantana di Gerace - Minna di Vacca Bianca di Ferruzzano - Tundulilla Bianca di Bova - Zibibbo di Arcà di Samo

Black grapes

Alicante Fimmanella - Castiglione di Bova - Castiglione Nero di San Pietro di Natile - Lacrima Nera di Bova - Lacrima Nera di Ursini di Caulonia - Liganti Nigru di Campoli di Caulonia - Malvasia di Ferruzzano - Medulla i Gattu di Cola di Checco di Cardeto - Nerello di Bagaladi - Nerello di Caraffa del Bianco - Nerello Sculli di Ferruzzano - Nigrazza di Palizzi - Nigrellu Amaru di Ferruzzano - Nigrellu Campoto di Egua - Nigrellu Russellaru di Ferruzzano - Pizzuta Nigra di Caraffa del Bianco - Vivrella di Ferruzzano

Rosé grapes

Cerasola di Ferruzzano - Minna di Vacca Ruggine di Ferruzzano