Between East & West
May 27th - June 30th
Inauguration on Saturday, June 26th

The painter Serenella Oprandi exhibit her works in Space SE, with 3 thematic exhibitions. The first of these is dedicated to the East and is a debut in Italy, after being exhibited in Shanghai. The second is dedicated to nature, where the artist represents with the force and shades of colors, the rainbow of feelings that nature can stir up, through all the senses, not only sight, but also the smell and taste. Finally, the strength and sensuality of the Tango will be the protagonists of last exhibition, where life-size works will create a unique setup for all August, making also the scenery for a tango performance conducted by teachers of an important school of tango. (date yet to be determined).
During her stay in Rocca D’Orcia, Serenella will organize short courses in watercolor painting, which will be held at the premises specially set up near Spazio SE, but also and above all, in the nature, among Podere Forte hills.
In such an environment, to learn from a master how to translate into traits and colors the wonders of nature, will be an unforgettable experience, not only for painting enthusiasts who want to improve their talent especially on the field, but also for those who are at their very beginning in the exploration of the world of art and artistic performance.

Serenella Oprandi loves every form of art since she was a child.
This passion led her to become a protagonist of the art scene in Bergamo, her native city.
She has been rewarded with appreciation by the critics and the public and exhibited her works in important places such as Paris, Geneve, Lugano, Shanghai, Assisi, Rome, Milan and many other Italian cities.
Oprandi is considered one of the main local watercolorist, but in the last years she had undertaken a personal experimental course in which she works with different techniques, such as chalks and acrylics with wonderful results.
The artist is well known for her original landscapes and nature portraits, but she also loves switching from figurative to abstract painting with personal informal features where colours are diluted along the surface of the work, dissolving shapes into evocative blots, that in some cases become even violent, complex, but in other cases come out tender and simple.
Complying with her attitude to experimentation and her passion for cross-contamination among the arts, Oprandi often turns her exhibitions into successful festivals of arts, involving dancers, poets, musicians, writers and photographers. In particular we remind of the exposition “Tango” occurred in Stezzano and San Pellegrino Terme.
In the last decade Oprandi has directed her activity toward thematic projects and a reinforced vocation for experimentation, realizing original collections such as “Bergamo e… dintorni” based on local territory images, “Cromie”, where she performed an interpretation of music and sounds with colours and “Natività” where she explored the mystery of maternity and femininity. This last exhibition took place in the Neonatal Pathology Ward of Bergamo City Hospital.
In the last years she became also a teacher, giving lessons in her workshop in Bergamo.

Watch the video of Serenella Oprandi's interview.