MarocChallenge, spectacular event organised by the Rocca d’Orcia Association, the Rocca 4 x 4, which we are proud to sponsor. We quote directly from what we have received from the Association President Dott. Antonio Moschetto who took part in the expedition: "the pride of these people, so difficult to find nowadays in large cities overwhelmed by tourists, their honour, serenity, welcoming spirit have already convinced us, on our return, to ask you and all those we can manage to contact, for more help, as much as possible, to ensure that on the mission leaving on 12 May 2014, there will once again be your and our participation, with more funds, more objects and possibly more vehicles, this time with the full awareness that there’s no competition involved and it’s all about the mission and we trust that you will be there, something we cherish and believe to be very important".