Aleardo Monaci, local artist born and raised in Poggio Rosa (hamlet of Castiglione d'Orcia) and recently passed away. Naif painter who for a whole life has  dedicated himself to the representation of these fabulous places, today declared  “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO: a sort of tribute to a "son" of these lands which,  lovingly celebrated inhis canvases. Aleardo Monaci has learnt the art by himself, portraying cows and pigs in the Val D’Orcia fields . Both the artist and critics have repeatedly used the eponym of 'peasant painter', to describe not only the origin but also the greatest subject of his art: the houses, fields, meadows come alive through his brushes precise and meticulous, evoking a world now perceived as distant.

His works are an imaginary journey through the valdorciana land, as in a novel.